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Transfering from another driving school

“Could You Benefit From Our Up To Date And Refreshingly Different Teaching Methods”

Up To 35% Of Pupils Feel The Need
To Change Their Driving Instructor

Some of the Students That Have Benefitted From Our Up To Date and Refreshingly Different Teaching Methods

Learning to drive can be a very trying experience and it can be easy for you to waste hundreds of pounds if your driving tuition is not effective.

Do you ever get the end of your driving lesson and feel that you haven‘t really learnt anything? The truth is, you probably haven‘t.

The DSA are very clear as to the method driving instructors should follow. This is to ensure that “you” the pupil are getting the greatest benefit from all your driving lessons.

Is your driving instructor following these very important procedures?

6 Procedures Your Driving Instructor Should Be Following:

  • Does your driving instructor arrive on time for at least 90% of all lessons booked?
  • Does your driving instructor always recap the previous lesson you took, to agree strengths and weaknesses? (What you remember from the last lesson taken)
  • Does your driving instructor always give you a firm lesson objective as to what you will be learning during the current driving lesson and what you will be trying to accomplish? (It is very important that you know exactly what you are trying to learn in the current lesson)
  • Does your driving instructor teach in a non aggressive manner or shout and criticize when you make mistakes? (Does your driving instructor prevent most errors by checking what you are going to do before you make a mistake or does he criticize or shout after the event?)
  • Does your driving instructor help you and guide you with plenty of feedback and encouragement or just let you make lots of mistakes which Gives you a lack of confidence? (Does your driving instructor evaluate why mistakes were made and does he praise you when you do well?)
  • Does your driving instructor finish every driving lesson with a sum up of what has been learnt and does he/she ask you questions to check your understand what you have learnt ? (Statistics show that what you talk about during the last 5 minutes of your driving lesson will stay with you and strengthen your understanding)

How many boxes does your driving instructor tick?

Learning to Drive is a Skill for Life and Your Life
Could Depend On Your Driving Skill

Make the change NOW and Progress to success

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Guaranteed Refund

In the unlikely event that you are not totally satisfied for any reason, any used training time will be re-calculated at the normal lesson rate and the remainder will be refunded accordingly

In the event that a pre-pay deal is not completed before you pass your practical driving test with us, any used training time will be re-calculated at the normal lesson rate and the remainder will be refunded accordingly.

Throughout my time with Alan from Topclass driving school I was taught to drive in a very professional but friendly style Alan‘s teaching style made driving very uncomplicated and I managed to Pick up the basics very quickly and went on to pass my test with only 3 minor errors I would recommend Alan to anyone as a great instructor thanks for everything.

Tina Huelot: Rochester Kent

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