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Topclass Driving School Instructor Training Exams

Here at Topclass driving school we know how important it is to choose the Right training organisation. We are pleased to say we are now able to offer full Driving Instructor Training to the highest standard via Graham Hooper from 1ST 4 Driving Instruction. Graham Hooper has a proven track record of success and is currently one of the highest graded instructors in the country.

At Topclass driving school we know that Grahams training works as our clients still come back for their continuous professional development even after they have qualified. This is now a requirement that all driving instructors under take further training to enhance their skills even when they are fully qualified.

Graham not only trains people to become driving instructors, He can also train the trainer once they are qualified. Grahams training follows a structured blueprint that allows the trainee instructor to develop important core skills that are essential for any driving instructors this proves fundamental for laying the building blocks that produce excellent driving instructors.

Graham will cover all elements required for the first qualifying exam part 1 the test of theoretical knowledge and hazard perception. This is mainly distance learning with full tutorial support when required. The second examination part 2 is a test of driving ability that requires an advanced drive, your driving will be developed so as this style of driving becomes second nature to you. Because Grahams training has an holistic approach he would already have introduced fundamentals needed for the part 3 test of instructional ability, this helps accelerate the learning process. Grahams methods are unique and with grahams proven past successes we know that together we can help you achieve your own personal goals.

To become a Driving Instructor you will be required to pass 3 exams commonly known as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


The first part of your training will teach you about the theory and hazard perception elements of the course. This is a multiple choice test of theoretical knowledge and will also include a computer based hazard perception test. You'll be helped with these subjects with our learning materials and a qualified trainer.


The second stage concentrates on developing your driving ability to make sure you meet the high standards required to be a driving instructor. The test of driving ability is conducted on a variety of roads including most traffic conditions. It includes 4 manoeuvres and an emergency stop and lasts at least one hour.


The closing stage of your training to become an Approved Driving Instructor focuses on developing your ability to teach learner drivers. The part 3 test is separated into two halves. First an examiner will role play a learner that is either a total beginner or partly trained and you will be expected to train this person for 30 minutes in a preset task. For the second part of this test the examiner will role play a pupil who is a few weeks away from taking a driving test or is already a qualified driver who needs some corrective training. Again this will be a preset task for about 30 minutes. The total exam time will be about one hour.

Each exam has to be taken separately starting at part 1. You can have as many attempts at part 1 as you wish, but once you have passed part 1 you have two years to complete part 2 and 3 and are only allowed three attempts at each. If you were to fail the 3rd attempt at either the part 2 or 3 exam, you will have to wait two years from the date you originally passed part 1 before you could try again. Part 1 would then have to be retaken.


For qualified A.D.I's to help prepare for the check test. Graham can accommodate all your training needs. Graham can offer you a two day development course that will hone your skills as an ADI.

Or If you simply want a check up let Graham watch you teach and then receive a confidential report based on your strengths and weaknesses ideal for that impending check test or just simply self development.


We know that some trainee driving instructors struggle with their chosen training organisation, so Graham has developed a rescue package that has helped many PDI's become an Approved driving instructor. If you are struggling please contact us straight away. We have a rescue package that could save your career, phone now on 0333 772 0393 or e-mail us through the contact page on this website.

A.D.I's and P.D.I's required

If you want to become a Top Class driving instructor in this expanding company, please contact us to discuss this.

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