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Topclass Driving School The DSA Theory Test

To obtain a full UK driving licence there are two tests to pass; a theory and a practical.

The Theory test is in fact two separate tests to be taken at the same sitting and both passed. The two parts consist of 50 questions (of which you have to get 43 or more correct) and a hazard perception part (of which you need to get 44 or more out of 75). You should allow about 57 minutes to take both parts.

To take the test you are sat in a booth with a PC. First you will be given a demonstration on the question part and given a chance to practice with the touch screen. If you do not like the touch screen you can still point and click with the mouse. The real test will then commence and you will have 40 minutes to complete all the questions. Read all of the question carefully (it may ask for more than one answer) and read all of the answers, a couple may be similar, but one is more correct. You can 'flag' any questions you are unsure of and return to review your answer later. All the questions are taken from a database of about 1000.

If necessary the test can be taken in a number of different languages. There is also a 'reader' facility where the questions and answers are read to you through headphones as you move the mouse over the questions and answers. This is particularly helpful to anyone not confident in reading or in the language. For more information visit the DSA website. www.dsa.gov.uk or a link is on our Useful Links page.

View the Official DSA Theory Test video below

Now the Hazard Perception part begins. Again you will be given a demonstration, during this you need to wear the head-phones provided. This will explain how the test works, how you will be scored and to prevent you falling into the pitfall of 'over-clicking' and not scoring any points. The test consists of 14 one minute video clips of real road footage. All have one 'developing hazard' that will score points, except one clip which will have two scoring hazards making a total of 15 scoring opportunities. Points are scored by clicking the mouse button when you see the hazard developing. The sooner you see and click the more points awarded, five at the earliest possible time down to zero if you miss it altogether. Unlike the questions you cannot go back and have another try!

Theory Test Hazard Perception Introduction

The Theory Test - Hazard Perception Introduction.

Free mock test can be found on this website www.learnerstuff.co.uk Or follow the link below to take an official DSA test

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